We ensure, throughout the entire design, development and procurement process of a project, that all your decisions will lead to maximizing access to financing sources and optimising financing terms

We seek an early involvement, best already during the concept & strategy phase of your project, in order to ensure that all potential contractual and financing structures are considered from the outset and are kept in a competitive selection process for as long as possible. This way we can prevent that certain design or procurement decisions taken, like the exclusion of certain EPC contractors that could have mobilized significant ECA supported financing, unnecessarily limit your financing options and lead to sub-optimal results..

We will provide professional deal structuring and risk management services from the start ensuring that all your decisions will lead to maximizing access to financing sources and optimizing financing terms.

We fully blend into your project team and manage all financing related aspects and processes with contractors, providers of debt and equity as well as coordinate work streams with other external advisors and other parts of your project team. We support you all the way from identifying and short-listing potential EPC and O&M contractor to securing non/limited-recourse debt financing and, if required, additional equity investors.

We are well experienced in dealing with the entire spectrum of financing & liquidity providers as well as financing instruments. We have successfully structured and raised financing through capital markets instruments (bonds & ratings), institutional investors, ECAs, commercial/investment and development banks and have structured debt, mezzanine & equity products as well as commercial & financial contracts and frameworks with a view to securing the optimal financing solution for our clients.